Pictorial Glimpses

Introduction to the Book

This pictorial life sketch of Satguru Kabir was first published in 1990 and titled: “Glimpse of the Life of Sadguru Kabir”. It was produced by the Late Mahant Jagdish Das Shastri of the Kabir Ashram in Jamnagar, Gujarat, India. He undertook the task at the request his guru, the late Mahant Ramswarup Das of the same ashram.

The book was published by: Mahant Shri Ramswarupdasji Maharaj Saheb, Shri Kabir Ashram, Kabir Road, Jamnagar, Gujarat, India.

The type setting was done by the Kabir Association of Canada, and it was edited by Dr. J. Das of the Kabir Association

This pictorial book contains some of the significant events and miracles that aim to impart true spiritual teachings, and to remove hypocrisy and misunderstanding in religious practices. Since Satguru Kabir had a long life (1398 – 1518), this book contains only glimpses of his activity as the title indicates. Note that he was speaking to, and dealing with, both Hindus and Muslims. His aim was to help people to know the Reality of the Self that is free from religious boundaries.

Satguru Kabir introduced Satnam as the neutral name of the Eternal, Self-existent Supreme Power or God. Being neutral, the term can be used by any religion. He introduced Surat Shabda Yoga or meditation on the Word to realize the union of the Self with the Supreme in consciousness. He is considered the father of Hindi literature, the initiator of Sant Mat and Sahaj Yoga, and a supreme mystic. Studying his teachings is to study the basics or roots of religion.