re man nekī karale do din kā


O mind! You are a guest in the world

for two days,

Perform some virtuous actions.

Wife, son, family and the meeting of the mind

and the body are for two days only. 

In the end you have to go alone

leaving all your wealth, O mind.

From where did you come, where will you go

when you leave your body,

and where will you live? O mind!

Without the guru who will impart to you

the knowledge of the soul?

As the water wheel moves in the well

and comes up full,

and goes down again,

You go through the cycle of births and deaths

from yuga to yuga. 

Why are you proud?

O mind! Live with friendliness and give food

to the poor before eat.

Give up evil and do good deeds.

Kabir says to worship the Formless God,

and pay respect to the guru, O Mind!

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