Kabir Association of Canada


The media often have news of violence among students or by students towards teachers. Students often carry concealed weapons to school, and this is a bad behavior. Using the weapons leads to catastrophic consequences. Students are also known to bully others, and this is a powerful psychological violence, that causes the victim immense stress, often…
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All of us know the value of a guidebook when you travel to an unknown place. If you read the guidebook and then ignore it, you will most likely miss your destination. In spiritual life we read the “guide books”, then ignore the instructions. We hear the instructions from the guide, then we go our…
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Welcome to the Kabir Association of Canada

Keep your critic close to you; even shelter him in your courtyard. As without water and soap he cleanses and purifies your character. Water does not rest in high places, but only in the low. If pride prevents you from bending low, you will go thirsty. My Master dwells in every heart, and no one…
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