1. To detach people from worldly bondage, Mayaand passions born out of desires, and to attach them to God by obtaining absolute freedom.
  2. He used no scripture but taught from his inner realization of Divinity, and his union with God. He wished all people to obtain the same realization of unity with the Divine Being.
  3. He taught fearlessness in spiritual life. He said: “chhodo apne tan kīāshā, nirbhai ho gun gāwo” (Give up dependence on the physical body and be fearless and sing the glories of God.” Again he stated, “kāmīkrodhīlālchī, inse bhakti na hoi, bhakti kare koīsūrmā, jāt varan kul khoi”(Only the brave who can give up lust, anger and greed, and the pride of caste and clan can do devotion).
  4. He taught purity in thought, word and deed, in order to obtain God Realization. He said: “darshan karnāchahiye, toh darpan malte rahiye; darpan mein lag gai kāī, toh daras kahān se pāī(If you wish to see yourself, then you must clean the mirror again and again; if the mirror gathers dust then how can you see yourself?) If your heart is not pure, as a clean mirror, then how can you see your real Self, reflected in your own being?
  5. He taught to merge in God, as a drop merges in the ocean, and to lose your individual identity or ego. He said: “būnd samānāsamund mein, jānat hai sab koī; samund samānābūnd mein, jāne birlākoī(When the drop merges in the ocean, all understand it; but when the ocean merges in the drop, people do not understand). God and the soul are ever merged, one in the other, and are of the same essence.
  6. He taught universal and unconditional love for all people, and for all of God’s creation. He said: “prem prem sab koīkahe, prem na chīnhe koī; āth prahar bhījārahe, prem kahāwai soī(Everybody speaks of love, but scarcely do they understand it. If they are immersed in love twenty-four hours a day, then it can be said to be love.)

7. He taught truth in thought, word and deed. He stated: “sānch barābar tap nahīn, jhūth barābar pāp; jāko hridai sānch hai, tāke hridai āp”(There is no austerity greater than truth, and there is no sin greater than falsehood. In whose heart truth dwells, in that heart God dwells.)


Dr. Jagessar Das


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