Audio/Video Lectures

Attributes of a Devotee

Beating Around Spiritual Bush

Kabir Chalisa

Pre-Parliament of Parliament of World Religions Conference

Kabir Teachings by Dr. Das (The 3 “G”s: Guru, Gyan and God)

Birth, Life, Death

Back to God

Soul and God

Interview on TV


J. Das Interview on Kabir

Kabir Propagated Communal Harmony

Life and Message of Saint Kabir – Part 1

Life and Message of Saint Kabir – Part 2

Discourse on Death

Marriage based on Spiritual Principles

Work based on Spirituality

Meditation for Enlightenment

Brahm Nirupan: A Journey to Enlightenment

Kabir Chalisa by Devotees at Kabir Centre

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  1. jawahar sharma says:

    i have visit your site
    i like very much we have gain much useful spiritual matter from it.

    “Without the blessings (help) of a true master, the path of God realization and the experience of going beyond the realms are out of reach.”

    thank you!

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