A devotee was questioning the role of Kal and Niranjan as is taught in some religious circles. It can be confusing. My explanation to him is perhaps not the ultimate, but it serves to keep my mind clear and focused. jd        

You have asked a lot of questions that need extensive explanations. But I will explain briefly to clarify some of them. You have read a lot of books, and they have become confusing.

You have read about Kal or Niranjan. Kal is time and death. Niranjan is the mind. Niranjan is also said to be the father of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Now Brahma is Rajoguna, Vishnu is Satoguna and Shiva is Tamoguna. These are qualities in all creation and all beings, including human beings. These gunas are from the beginning of creation. So you can say that they came from Parmatma.

It is better not to think of Kal as a great power somewhere in the universe that does harm to us. Kal and Niranjan, and all the gunas are in us, and they work though the mind. Birth and death are natural processes arranged by God, and are influenced by our karmas. We don’t even have to worry about Kal, Niranjan or any other powers. There are no powers greater than God’s power. So pay attention to your karmas in thought, words and actions. Clear your mind of all the confusing ideas, and do your meditation.

You also want to know about Ram, Krishna, and other prophets and their teachings, that they are creations of Kal. This depends on what you understand by Kal. Kabir Saheb said they are works of Kal. The scriptures taught by these great teachers or avatars, do not give you “Atma Gyan” or “Brahm Gyan” that give Moksha. No scripture in the world can give you Moksha. You have to seek a qualified guru who can teach you the way of life, of meditation, of study, and of realization of Reality, or God, or Brahm within yourself. Since they do not give you Moksha, but people spend a lot of time and effort on them, great teachers would say that they are all the work of Kal. People stick with the external practices and do not find the treasure that is within. To find this treasure within that Kabir Saheb called the “anbedha heera” all the scriptures become helpless.

When you study a subject in school, there are two parts to the subject, a theoretical part and a practical part. The theoretical part teaches you what to expect, and the practical part shows you how to get the result. Similarly, in religion, if you do not do the practical part, the scriptures will not give you the result.

Spiritual life is to realize who you are as the Spirit of God. This is the Atma, beyond birth and death. This Atma is the Real you. Meditate on this and give up your confusion.

Different religious groups will have different interpretations of religious teachings, and they can become confusing. It is better to have a holistic or overall view: God and Soul (Atma and Parmatma) are never separate. There is no power, not even Kal, that can break this connection.

I hope that you find this explanation helpful.


Dr. Jagessar Das


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