Kabir Panthis all over the world are celebrating the 619th. Jayanti of Satguru Kabir Saheb. His teaching was impartial and non-sectarian, and has significance for people of any religion. He uttered, “kabir khade bazar mein, mange sab ki khair; na kahun se dosti, na kahun se bair.” He is in the public bazar wishing the welfare of all people. He did not consider some people as friends, and some as enemy. He said that he was not a Hindu or a Muslim, as these are labels that cannot be attached to the soul. The soul is the spirit of God dwelling in the depth of the heart of people of all religions, and also in the hearts of those who have no religion. Kabir Saheb did not try to reform any religion. He wanted to reform the hearts of people so they could realize the Truth and the Reality that they were. He wanted people to be consciously united with God, so he sang, “santo sahaj samadhi bhali.” Be aware of your natural unity with God.

Satguru Kabir was one of the foremost mystic saints of India. He was a weaver who taught that every person should earn his own living, but spare no effort in seeking the welfare of others. He is called the Father of Hindi Poetry such that “in a thousand years of Hindi literature, there has not been quite another.” Kabir taught on every aspect of human life – from the mundane to the sublime. He was a saint for all seasons, for all reasons. He was a revolutionary who sang against the tyranny of the powerful and privileged. He was a mahatma who taught love, tolerance and understanding amongst all people saying that we all have the same blood flowing in our veins; we are all born in the same way, and drink our mother’s milk; we all have the same flesh, skin and bones, and come from the same Divine source. By what knowledge then have we become different? His songs appealed to the hearts and minds of people. Among his followers were kings and paupers, priests and lay persons, who could identify with his teachings of love and brotherhood of all. Kabir was a lover of the Divine, and taught melodiously that the Beloved we seek is not far, but within us – we need only to open our spiritual eyes and behold Him. 

On this Jayanti it would be good to focus on the main principles Kabir Saheb taught: 


1. Realize God within yourself through Sahaj Samadhi (Natural Union) and Surat Shabda Yoga.  
2. Practice purity in thought, word and deed, and serve God by serving humanity.
3. Love all people as yourself. There are no castes but Humanity before God.
4. Do not kill other creatures. Life is dear to them as yours is to you. Be compassionate. Avoid the grave consequences of Karma attached to killing.
5. Be a vegetarian, as this is the healthiest, least violent and the most humanitarian diet, conducive to spiritual growth. 
6. Get rid of the negative passions of lust, anger, greed, attachments and egoism.
7. Avoid all intoxicating drinks, drugs and smoking.
8. Obtain a qualified guru and follow his instructions and serve him/her.
9. Use spiritual discrimination to learn the Real from the unreal.  
Do not be fooled by false teachers, or be led astray by evil influences.
10. Be truthful always. There is no austerity greater than truth. 
11. Meditate regularly and realize your true Self, which is the Self-Existent Master within.
12. Be kind and charitable to the poor realizing that God dwells in him as in you. 

Dr. Jagessar Das

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