How Can Interfaith Communication Enhance Harmony?

  1. U. N. Interfaith Harmony Week, Feb. 1 – 7

 The global clergy Association in partnership with the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints celebrated the United Nations interfaith harmony week on February 4, 2017. The theme of the conference was “How Can Interfaith Communication Enhance Harmony?” The church is located at 10122 140Street, Surrey.

 Dr. Das made the following power point presentation on the topic:

 What is Communication?

A conversation full of pleasantries is most often devoid of useful information, whereas communication is meant only for the exchange of information.

APJ Kalam (former president of India)

 Means of Communication

Communication is by:

Action, Words, Mind, Spirit

Action Communication

  • Action:
  • Invite people of other faiths to your place of worship. Visit other places of worship
  • Start a phone circle with people of other faiths
  • Share meals with people of other faiths
  • Share your skills with those of other faiths
  • Plan picnics or other outings with them

    Verbal Communication

  • Words:
  • Use words that are inclusive and friendly
  • Exchange teachings of your faith with friendly, open minds. No attempt to claim superiority
  • Avoid criticisms or condescending remarks
  • Your words must be welcoming and put others at ease 

    Mental Communication

  • Mind:
  • Acceptance of people of other faiths as equal to you
  • Know that people of all faiths are on their spiritual journey just as you are
  • Let your attitude towards them be one of love, cordiality and understanding
  • Be positive towards others. Send positive vibrations. Create positive karmas for yourself.

    Spiritual Communication

  • Spiritual:
  • People of all faiths are spiritual beings
  • The spirit is the same in all people and can never be differentiated
  • Pray for the welfare of people of all faiths
  • Read the scriptures of all faiths with an open mind
  • Be neutral towards the ritual observances of others 
  • MEDITATE – find the Reality within
  • The same Reality is in all beings, human and non-human
  • In whatever life is manifesting, there is Reality
  • Reality is Consciousness. Consciousness is the attribute of God
  • Therefore see the commonality of all. You are in it just as “they” are

    What is Religion?

  • Religions are a negative force when they fight among themselves, but they can become a positive force when they work together
  • Remember religion is to unite, not divide. From Latin: re=again, ligare=to unite. Let us all be true to our re-ligion and live in HARMONY

  Quotes to Remember

  • Quotations:
  • God builds His temple in the heart on the ruins of churches and religions….Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • He who does not find a temple in his own heart, will not find his heart in any temple – Mikhail Naimy
  • The gift of religion exceeds all gifts; the sweetness of religion exceeds all sweetness; the delight of religion exceeds all delight; the extinction of thirst overcomes all things – Lord Buddha
  • Religion is the manifestation of divinity in man – Swami Vivekananda
  • Be Divine. Live in Universal Harmony!


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