Please note that this poem expresses my views. It is not directed at any religion or religious beliefs.

My previous poem was on Heaven, so I logically followed it up with a poem on Hell. JD



Hell has no meaning unless we add suffering.

And the suffering there is very intense!

The sinner consigned there, faces fire and brimstone –

Not just until he is consumed to ashes,

But “eternally,” to pay for his errant “sinning.”

It appears that such a one earns no forgiveness,

Though Jesus said God forgives abundantly,

And that we should forgive seventy time seven.

The one consigned to burn in hell, we all know,

Is a child of a loving and forgiving God.

Can it then be divine justice – no forgiveness?

If hell is a requirement to fulfill divine justice,

Then it must be located within God’s universe.

Where could God place hell? On which celestial body?

We all assert that God is Omnipresent Being.

Can hell then be a “place” outside of God?

His Omnipresence indicates that God is there too.

So if God is in hell, should we fear to go there?

Has anyone experienced the suffering in hell,

To speak eloquently with fist pounding authority?

All who speak of hell, read in their holy books,

That there is such a “place” for the sinner.

Yet we know that experience is the best teacher.

Should speakers on hell not have the experience,

That there is such a “place,” and the conditions there?

Can faith without knowledge be the yardstick,

That confers on us with absolute certainty,

That what we have read is definitely the reality?

At what point on the continuum from good to evil,

Can we say that one goes to heaven or hell?

Who is the judge that decides the punishment,

When Jesus said, “Judge not that ye be not judged.”

Logic becomes useless at such a state of affairs,

And hides its face and runs speedily away.

“As you sow so also you shall reap,”

Is religiously accepted by all people, everywhere.

It is called the law of Karma, of cause and effect.

You sow in thoughts, words and deeds,

And you are doing it continuously.

You also reap the effects continuously.

Would this not account for the pleasure and pain,

That are part of the daily life of everyone?

We are creating our own heaven and hell,

So let us be mindful how we live. We have choice!


Dr. Jagessar Das











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