Where is heaven extolled in Scriptures?

What are the coordinates to locate it?

Does anyone have a clue of what heaven is-

Its inhabitants and their way of living?

Are there embodied souls or free roaming spirits?

Longing for a destination you do not know,

Will take you straight to Fool’s Paradise.

Think of the word Heaven itself,

It is nearly all “h-e-a-v-e” with “n” attached.

So does one “heave” oneself to heaven?

Or, perchance, one is “heaved” there?

Heaven is said to flow with milk and honey,

Indicating it must be a physical place.

Where can we then guess heaven to be,

Amongst the billions of galaxies,

And trillions upon trillions of stars.

Can it be somewhere on a planet –

Numberless, beyond our imagination?

If there is such a desirable “place”,

Do we know how to “travel” to get there?

No one has returned from heaven  

To enlighten us about its fantastic glory!

No one has bought us a return ticket,

For us to come back and cheer our friends.

So are we living in blind expectation,

To reach an abode that’s unknown?

Jesus said the kingdom of heaven is within.

And Jesus is one with supreme knowledge.

Should we not accept his divine teaching,

To see that our journey to heaven is within?

There is no coming or going for the soul,

But only to realize its own divinity.

This is the awakening to divine light,

That leads us to Enlightenment.

But you ask, “How to journey within

When there is no map or directions?”

My friend! Seek and you shall find.

Knock and it shall be opened for you.

Seek an earnest and benevolent teacher.

Surrender yourself to his instructions.

Knock on the door of your consciousness,

And delve deeply into meditation.

There you will find the reality of the Self.

That is where the heaven is that you seek!


Dr. Jagessar Das







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