Duty beckons! Yes it beckons you!
You have life, so duty inevitably follows.
Remember your duty to the giver of life,
And to nature for sustaining it!
Do not pollute and destroy your environment,
And you will be abundantly rewarded.
You are a part of nature,
So always dwell in harmony with it.
Let your heart be thankful,
Filled with love, devotion and caring!
Do not forget your duty to health –
Let your diet be moderate and nourishing,
Taking nothing noxious in the temple of your being!
Show dutiful respect to parents and elders,
And to friends, family and society too.
In work you show keen interest,
And display affability with co-workers.
Work well done is its own reward.
Pile up the rewards and reap contentment.
Make your inner nature pristine.
Do not stain it with lust, anger, greed and hate!
Educate yourself in every discipline you can,
For it is your duty to know the art of living!
Your life is a most precious gift,
Endowed with mind, rationality and intelligence.
So dutifully embrace it with love and humility,
Fulfilling your destiny in peace and harmony!

Dr. Jagessar Das

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  1. Aazaad says:

    Loved it. Read it by the sea.
    I am a huge follower of Kabir. Atleast of his words.

    Madho ek roop hai sabme,
    Apne man vichaar kar dekho.

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