We hear of corruption in high places,

But it is equally present in “low places.”

It’s a cancer eating away at spirituality,

And it does not spare morality.

The ones in high places are those in power,

Whether in government, or religious calling.

They abuse their power in seeking bribes,

Or peddle influence on the unwary.

They deviate from the ideals of society,

Selling their souls for transient gains.

Where is empathy, where is compassion,

When others must innocently pay the price?

Corruption is a cancer that invites itself

Into the hearts of the heartless!

It has the power to cloud judgment,

And to lay aside God-given intelligence!

It drives away guilt and shame,

And makes entitlement the alluring goal.

Sad to say! Their karma lies in wait,

And will inflict severe punishments!

Loss of good character inevitably follows,

And loss of goodwill becomes a calumny.

But there is corruption in “low places” too,

As is evident in the thief and drug gangs,

In domestic violence and elder abuse,

In cheating spouses and children’s abuse!

Should we not mention modern slavery,

And people-smuggling as a trade?

And black marketing when others starve?

The mind grows weary with mental fatigue,

If we ponder on the web of corruption,

That has ancient roots, and still viable.

So to maintain composure and self-respect,

Let us allow karma and our justice system,

To fulfill their legitimate calling!


Jagessar Das


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