Shabd 37

hari thag thagat sakal jag dolai, gown karat mose mukhahu na bolai.
bālāpan ke mīt hamāre, hamahi taji kahān chaleu sakāre.
tumahin purush mein nārī tumhārī, tumharī chāl pāhanhu te bhārī.
mātik dehh pawan ke sharīrā, harithag thag se daren kabīrā.


The mind is a cheater, and it silently moves around the whole world cheating. It does not even tell me of its departure (death). The mind has been my friend since infancy; giving me up where are you rushing in a hurry.  You are my husband and I am your wife; but your conduct is heavier than stone. The body is made of clay and the subtle body of air. Kabir says the devotee is afraid of the thief cheating the world.


As in the previous shabda, Guru Kabir is saying that the mind is the cheater that keeps on cheating the world. But it does so silently. One’s ego and evil intentions lurk within one’s self. Similarly, hypocrisy is also hidden within one’s self. It is thus that the mind works in the world silently. The cheating is that the mind works in devious ways to distract the devotee from his proper path of purity, simplicity, love etc. that is the path that takes him towards enlightenment. Guru Kabir is saying that the mind has been a friend from birth, meaning that the body and the mind go together, but the mind appears to be in a hurry running in one direction or another. Similarly, at the end of life, the mind withdraws from the body leaving a corpse. All its cheating has resulted only in negative karmas.

Guru Kabir is saying that the mind is the husband and the body is the wife because the body obeys the commands of the mind. But the body is saying that the conduct of the mind is heavier than a stone. The helpless body, being personified, realizes that the conduct of the mind is contrary to its well being thus, figuratively, it is heavier than a stone weighing the body down to the world of materialism. Guru Kabir is saying that the gross body is made of clay, but the subtle or astral body is transparent like the air, and that both are subject to the cheating of the mind. The true devotee is truly afraid of the mind which is the cheater. A devotee practices introspection to understand his inner tendencies, and wayward wanderings of the mind, and tries to control them. It is control of the mind that allows discipline and development of positive ideals leading to spirituality.