Shabd 27

bhai re adbud rup anup katha hai, kahown toh ko patiyai;
jahan jahan dekho tahan tahan soi, sab ghat raha samai;
laksh binu sukh daridra binu dukh, nind bina sukh sowai;
jas binu jyoti rup binu ashik, aiso ratan bihuna rowai;
bhram binu ganjan mani binu nirakh, rup binu bahurupa;
thiti binu surati rahas binu anand, aiso charit anupa;
kahahi kabir jagat hari manik, dekhahu chit anumani;
parihari lakhown log kutum sab, bhajahun saranga pani.


O brother! It is said that God’s form is matchless and mysterious; if I explain it, who will believe! Wherever I look I see His form, as He pervades every heart; He is neither happy with wealth nor unhappy with poverty; He is sleepless but remains happy; He has fame and beauty without light, and is a lover without form; without this jewel the ignorant people cry sadly; In self-realization, my doubt disappears, and the testing occurs without jewels; without form He manifests all forms; Without concentration He is in meditation, and is all blissful without mystic experience; He possesses a matchless nature; Kabir says that in this world God is like a diamond; think carefully and understand it; Give up the greed of wealth and attachment to relations, and recite the name of God.


In this shabd Guru Kabir is talking about the nature of God. God is not limited by time and space, so He is said to be of mysterious and matchless form. No one can truly describe God, yet He manifests in the hearts of all beings. It is thus that Guru Kabir says that if he talks about God who will believe him, because God does not form a direct experience in the lives of most people. He explains that wherever he looks he sees God, because God is Omnipresent. One needs only to develop spiritual vision in order to see Him.

Guru Kabir goes on to say that God is beyond wealth and poverty, or the need for sleep. He needs no light to show His fame or beauty, and He is always blissful. But not having Him as a precious jewel in their lives, the ordinary people suffer a great loss, so they are said to be sadly crying. Once God is realized, there are no doubts or troubles in the mind and, although God has no form, He is said to embody all forms in the universe. God does not need to concentrate in order to go into meditation, as His very nature is one of meditation. His nature is one of bliss and is beyond all description, and is matchless. Guru Kabir is saying that God is like a precious diamond which needs to be coveted and kept securely. He advises that we must consider this carefully and see God as being this precious diamond which is very valuable. In order to realize this precious jewel in our own hearts, he says that we need to give up the greed for other wealth, and even attachment to all family relationships, because they create bondage and prevent liberation of the soul. This does not mean not to have love for relationships and for people, but it means a detached, spiritual love. Once we obtain this, then we will indeed feel a sense of freedom. Guru Kabir advises that we must sing the glories of he name of God.

This is a mystical shabd in which Guru Kabir explains that God is indeed a precious jewel residing in the hearts of all beings. He needs to be realized by giving up attachments to the external paraphernalia of our life. He is said to be self-luminous and requires no external aid for the manifestation of His greatness. All of these are realized when the mind is stilled, and we enter meditation, and have an intuitive experience of the reality of God.