Shabd 21

ram na ramsi kawan dand laga, mari jaibai ka karibe abhaga;
koi tirath koi mundit kesa, pakhand mantra bharam updesha;
vidya ved padhi kare hankara, antkal mukh phanke chhara;
dukhit sukhit hoi kutum jewawai, maranbar eksar dukh pawai;
kahahi kabir yaha kali hai khoti, jo rahai karwa so nikrai toti.


You do not dwell in God! Unfortunately, what will you do when you die? Some people go to pilgrimages and some shave their heads; some give false mantras and doubtful instructions; They study the Vedas and are full of ego; in the end they bite the dust; Through suffering and happiness you raise your family, but at the time of death you suffer alone; Kabir says that this is Kaliyug nd it is full of evil; whatever is inside the pitcher will come out at the spout.


In this shabda Guru Kabir is explaining to us that if we do not live in the love of God, we will die not having known the secret of life. God is our source and also our destination. If we do not know our destination then we are truly lost in this world. He mentions that in an effort to live a religious life, many people go to places of pilgrimages, and many shave their heads. Many of them give out doubtful instructions which do not give liberation to the seekers.

Guru Kabir explains that many study the Vedas but are full of ego. At the time of death they bite the dust, which means they have died defeated. He further states that people, whether they are happy or suffering, raise their families, but in the end they die suffering alone, for no one can help them. Kabir says this is the Kaliyug (iron age), and that it is full of evils. He, figuratively, explains that what is in the pitcher that is what will come out from the sprout. He really means to say that what people are deep within themselves that is what they will be at the time of death, and that is what will pursue them beyond death into another life. In this shabda Guru Kabir is explaining that in life we must practice simplicity, sincerity and purity. We must not be proud about what we are, nor should we follow practices that are of no practical value in terms of spiritual development. Realize that God dwells within, and go within to find God. All external paraphernalia can be great obstacles towards reaching that spiritual goal which all religious people seek.