Ramaini 9

bandhe asht kasht now suta, yam bandhe anjani ke puta;
yam ke bahan bandhe jani, bandhe shrishti kahan lown gani;
bandheu dev teintis karori, sambarat loha band gow tori;
raja sambare turiya chadhi, panthi sambare nam le badhi;
arth bihuna sambare nari, praja sambare puhumi jhari.

Sakhi: bandi manawai te phal pawai, bandi diya so dei;
kahein kabir so ubarai, nisubasar namahi lei.


Maya has bound the soul with eight sufferings and nine threads. She has bound Yama and her own sons (humans). Maya has bound the bearers of Yama (animals of conveyance) and all of creation. How much can one count? Maya has bound three hundred and thirty million Devas (gods), but by worship of God iron shackles are broken. By worshipping God the Raja Yogi attains turiya (super-conscious state). The traveller worships God on his journey. The lady worships god without knowing the meaning. The common people all over the world worship God, but without meaning.

Sakhi: One desiring the fruits of actions becomes the victim of bondage. Kabir says that he who utters the name of God night and day will obtain liberation.


In this ramaini Guru Kabir speaks of the power of Maya over all beings, including humans, gods and goddesses, angels, Yama (the God of death), and animals – in fact all of creation. Maya is the “grand illusion” or “veil” which prevents us from seeing God manifest in the world. If we can remove Maya or the veil of illusion from our consciousness, then we will be able to realize God. The eight sufferings are: ignorance, ego, attachment, aversion, fear of death, and the three gunas(qualities) which are inherent in all of us. The nine threads are the five sense organs, plus the mind, intellect, consciousness and ego. All of these manifest in us because of the power of Maya which has operated from the beginning of creation, in order to allow differentiation into various forms of living beings – in other words, for God to be projected into the various forms of His own creation. Guru Kabir states, though, that by remembering and worshipping God, that even iron shackles can be removed. The Raja Yogi, by control of his mind and entering meditation, reached the super-conscious state. He states that even travellers recite the name of God on their journeys, but they do not realize Him. People all over the world are engaged in reciting and worshipping God, but often do not realize God because of the veil of Maya clouding their spiritual consciousness.

In the sakhi Guru Kabir explains that the desire for the fruits of one’s actions is the cause of bondage. Desire is born out of Maya and keeps us trapped into this wheel of birth and death. He tells us, though, that there is a way of overcoming Maya, and that is, by uttering the Name of God at all times, that is, by living in the Consciousness of God.