Ramaini 6

varnahu kown rup ow rekha, dusar kown ahi jo dekha;
wo onkar adi nahi veda, takar kahahu kown kul bheda;
nahin taragan nahi ravi chanda,
nahin kichhu hot pita ke binda;
nahin jal nahi thal nahi thir powana,
ko dhare nam hukum ko varna;
nahin kichhu hot diwas niju rati, takar kahahu kown kul jati;

Sakhi: sunya sahaj man sumirate, pragat bhai ek jyot
tahi purush ki mein balihari, niralambh jo hot.


Who can explain the form and outline of God? Who else was there who saw Him? Neither Onkar nor the Vedas were there. Who can explain His clan and secret? In that state there are neither groups of stars, nor sun, nor moon. There, none is born by the father’s semen. There is neither water, nor land, nor air. Who can name that state? There is no one there to give orders. In that state their is neither day, nor night. Tell me then what clan and caste has He?

Sakhi: If one meditates with an empty and relaxed mind, a light manifests in him. That Purush is great who is without support. I adore Him.


In this Ramaini Guru Kabir is explaining the experience a devotee obtains when he meditates earnestly and obtains God realization. God has no form, and is not limited by space and time. He has neither clan nor caste, nor relations. God is a Universal Being, and thus cannot be reduced to any physical form, or limited by any clan, or caste, or religious denomination. He states that when one realizes God, then it is a knowledge beyond the existence of Onkar, who is responsible for the creation of the world through Brahma, his Son. There were no Vedas; there were no stars, sun or moon, and there was no birth of anyone; there was no water, land or air; there was no day or night, or no division of people in various castes and clans.

This ramaini points out a very important feature of spiritual life, in that when one attains God realization through meditation, then he becomes free of the various divisions of class, religion, sects, etc., and when he is in tune with the Divine there is no question of any material manifestation, because his consciousness rises above all the material manifestations of the world, or of the universe, and is concentrated or is centered in God alone.

In the sakhi he states that in meditation there manifests a Light. That Light is Sat Purush, or the Supreme Lord who is Self-existent and is not dependent on anyone or anything for His existence. That Supreme Lord who manifests in all of us deserves our adoration.