Ramaini 44

kabahu na bhayau sanga ow satha, aiso janam gamayau achha.
bahuri na paiho aiso thana, sadhu sangati nahi pahichana.
ab tor hoi narak maha basa, nisidin baseu labar ke pasa.

Sakhi: jat saban kahan dekhiya, kahahin kabir pukar.
chetwa hoi toh cheti le, nahi toh diwas paratu hain dhar.


Man destroys his noble life for nothing by not keeping the company of noble and saintly people.
You will not get such an opportunity again since you do not realize the value of saintly company.
Now you will get a dwelling place in hell, as day and night you have kept the company of false people.

Sakhi: Kabir says shouting to all: “I see all the people dying and leaving with empty hands.
If you wish to awaken to realization, do it now, otherwise the day will come when death will strike you.”


Not many people in this world try to keep the company of noble and saintly people. They are more attracted to the alluring worldly life of sense gratification. Even if they go to the temples or holy places, and sing the glories of God, they still drift back into the mainstream of worldly life beset with the passions of anger and hate, greed and ego, etc. Their minds are full with worries and anxieties. Somehow, their hearts are not receptive to the Divine presence which is within. Many falsely believe that they are ‘saved’ and will be assured of heaven. But they, nevertheless, are still entangled in the life of passions. The majority of people are thus not fit to enter the kingdom of God, but are fit to enter the kingdom of kal (death). Guru Kabir ceaselessly exhorted the people to awaken to the Reality within themselves. He exhorted them to keep the company of noble and saintly people and to give up the false teachers, and the traps of the glittering worldly life. He exhorted them to realize the Truth and that Truth will give them liberation.