Ramaini 41

ambu ki rashi samudra ki khai, ravi shashi koti taintison bhai,
bhawar jal me asan mara, chahat sukh dukh sanga na chhada.
dukh ko karm na kahu paya, bahut bhanti ke jag bharmaya,
apuhi baur apu sayana, hridya base tehi ram na jana

sakhi: tehi hari tehi thakur, tehi hari ke das
na yam bhaya na jamini, bhamini chali niras;


The universe is like a huge ocean full of the water of desires; the sun, moon and three hundred and thirty millions of gods are immersed in it.
The soul took its seat in the whirlpool of this ocean; it wishes happiness but does not give up its association with suffering.
No one could understand the secret of suffering and, in many ways, the people have become the victim of doubts.
Sometimes man acts foolishly and sometimes wisely; but he does not know the Ram who lives in his own heart.

Sakhi: The ignorant people do not know that the same Ram is God and the Lord, and also the servant of God;
When the devotee knows Himself, then neither Yama (god of death) nor Yamini (ignorance, darkness) cause him fear. The woman (maya) departs from him disappointed.


In this ramaini Guru Kabir speaks of the darkness of ignorance which often overshadow our knowledge of our relationship with God. There is an intimate connection between the soul and God, and, in fact, there can be no separation. But people do not realize this connection, so they are living in doubts and spiritual ignorance. All people in the world live in an ocean of desires, and are driven here and there according to them. The soul has found itself fixed in the whirlpool of this ocean. This means that it is preoccupied with desires. Just as the whirlpool goes round and round, just so desires go round and round in the mind. Being driven by desires the individual suffers, but he does not realize the cause of his suffering. As long as he is driven by desires, he cannot fathom or realize that God dwells in his own heart.

In the sakhi Guru Kabir states the true mystical relationship between the soul and God, or the Lord, and the servant of the Lord. In effect, they are not separate because God is Omnipresent and dwells in every heart. So the same soul that is the servant or devotee of God also manifests God within himself, or he manifests the Divinity of the Lord. When he realizes this, then he obtains salvation and the god of death and ignorance depart from him. Maya which causes us to be trapped in this world of illusion and doubts then departs, disappointed, because spiritual enlightenment has taken place.