Ramaini 40

adam adi sudhi nahin pai, mama hawa kahan te ai;
tab nahin hote turuk ow hindu, mai ke rudhir pita ke bindu;
tab nahin hote gai kasai, tab bismillah kin pharmai;
tab nahin hote kul ow jati, dojakh bhist kown utpati;
man masle ki sudhi nahin jana, mati bhulan dui din bakhana.

Sakhi: sanjoge ka gun rawai, bijoge ka gun jai,
jibhya swarath karane, nar kinhe bahut upai.


Adam, who was supposed to be the first born, did not know the beginning of creation; he did not know where Eve came from.
Then there was no Turk and no Hindu; there was no blood of the mother or semen of the father.
Then there was no cow or butcher. Who at that time ordered the recitation of bismillah?
Then there was no clan or caste. Who then created hell and heaven?
People do not know the philosophy of the mind, and with confused intellect they talk of religion.

Sakhi: With self-control man improves his good qualities, and without it he loses them.
To satisfy the pleasure of the tongue, man does many things.


In this Ramaini Guru Kabir discusses the condition which existed before creation. God existed and He possessed Consciousness, Intelligence, Energy and Power. All things came from Him. The Christians and Muslims accept that Adam was the first created man and Eve was the first woman. Adam, himself, did not know where he came from nor did he know the origin of Eve. In that original state there was no Turk and no Hindu, and there was neither mother nor father, nor their procreative abilities. At that time there were also no cows or butchers, or clan or caste. When nobody existed, who gave an order for the recitation of bismillah (in the name of God)? Who created heaven and hell?

These are legitimate questions when you consider that God exists as Consciousness in all beings. He manifests in us as Consciousness which is an attribute of the soul. The soul itself possesses an innate knowledge of its connection or identity with God, but because of its entanglement through the body and senses, it loses its knowledge of that connection. Because man does not realize that connection with God and His omnipresence as the very soul and consciousness of our being he, in a confused state, created religions; in such a state he also created heaven and hell and the clans and castes. Guru Kabir wishes to point out that all of these are creations of the mind which did know the essence of its own existence i.e. that the soul and God are eternally united and there is no need for the various distinctions and divisions created by the mind of man.

In this sakhi he further points out that we need mental control in order to improve our good qualities. If we allow the mind to be controlled by all the senses and passions, then we lose our virtues or good qualities. In order to satisfy the tongue, man has learned to kill animals and often offer the dead animals, or their blood, to God. They really wish to satisfy their taste for meat. If you truly understand your connection with God, then what need is there to slaughter animals to offer to Him? All the living animals belong to God, and they are more precious to Him alive than dead. How then can God be made happy with animal sacrifice? People do this in ignorance and, in the end, they do it to satisfy their own tastes and cravings.