Ramaini 38

yahi bidhi kahown kaha nahi mana, marag nahi pasarini tana;
rati diwas mili jorin taga, otat katat bharam na bhaga;
bharmai sab jag raha samai, bharam chhori katahu nahi jai;
parai na puri dinahu din chhina, tahan jai jahan anga bihuna;
jo mat adi ant chali aya, so mat sab un pragat sunaya.

Sakhi: yaha sandesh phur manikai, tinheu shish chadhai;
santo hai santosh sukh, rahahu toh hridai judai.


I instructed the people in this way, but they did not heed my words. Instead, on their path in this world, they spread their loom of rites and rituals.
Day and night they continually join the threads of their Karmas; and they weave the cloth of Karmas. They cannot get rid of their doubts.
Doubts are pervading the whole world and, by not giving up their doubts, people do not make any spiritual progress.
Day by day their knowledge grew weaker and they could not attain perfection. Wherever they went they lost part of themselves (losing spiritual knowledge).
That essence of religion which was from the beginning and will be to the end, I am explaining to you.

Sakhi: Accept this message as true and place it on your head.
O devotees! Contentment is real happiness; with it the heart remains satisfied.


In this Ramaini Guru Kabir speaks of the bondage which people create for themselves by not clearly understanding what spiritual life is. Without understanding the nature of the Self, and without developing contentment in all aspects of life, people cannot obtain the Supreme Bliss which is the ultimate goal of life. Instead, people are pre-occupied with weaving the fabric of Karmas (actions), without paying attention to the ultimate results of such actions. They practice all kinds of rites and rituals in the name of religion, yet they are no further spiritually from day to day. Actually, people appear to be loosing true spiritual knowledge, as they go through this earthly life. Guru Kabir has been explaining the real essence of religion which is eternal. He said that it should be put on the head i.e. accepted with a great deal of humility and reverence. The goal of life is to attain liberation through knowledge of the Self but, unfortunately, doubts create a great obstacle for humanity.