Ramaini 36

gyani chatur vichakshan loi, ek sayan sayan na hoi;
dusar sayan ko marm na jana, utpati parlai raini bihana;
banij ek saban mili thana, nem dharm sanyam bhagwana;
hari as thakur tajiyo na jai, balani bhist gawahin dulhai.

Sakhi: te nar kahan gaye, jin dinha guru ghonti,
ram nam niju janike,chhadi dehu vastu khoti


O wise and clever men of sharp intellect! The non-dualists are not wise because non-dualism depends on dualism.
Dualists do not know the secret of God and they fall into the cycle of creation and destruction, and light and darkness.
They all made a business of religion with rules, regulations and duties to obtain God;
O soul! Do not give up the Master dwelling in you as your own Self. Many people childishly believe in God dwelling in heaven and with childish intellect they sing the songs of such a heaven.

Sakhi: Where are those people to whom the false gurus gave false knowledge?
They have become lost.
Kabir says: “Give up the false teachings and realize that God dwells in your own Self.


The world is full of many smart and clever people who argue and split hairs about various points of philosophy and religion. There is the philosophy of non-dualism and dualism. The former accepts that only God exists and all else are only reflections or projections out of the Being of God. This is possible because of the great elusive power of maya which overshadows our true perception of what Reality is. The latter postulates that God and his creation are separate and that people need to worship an Omnipotent and Omnipresent Being. There are also branches with various shades of meaning and interpretation about these philosophies. In the end, however, they do not give liberation until one becomes enlightened to the Divine Being dwelling within, as stated by Guru Kabir. Various clever religious people have started various forms of religions and there are innumerable rules of conduct, codes to follow, rituals to be performed, in order to obtain God. But Guru Kabir is saying that you should not be fooled by all these paraphernalia, because God dwells within you as your own Self. It is common knowledge that people describe the dwelling place of God as heaven. But you can ask the question: “Where is heaven?” And if God is in heaven and that heaven is not the earth and all the beings in it, then God is not on earth or in all the beings. Therefore God cannot be omnipresent. Yet, people sing of God in heaven, or of the glories of heaven, as if they have only childish intellect. Kabir rightly asked: “Where did all the people go, who were initiated or given religious instruction by the cunning teachers?” People have played with images and idols as children play with their dolls. People have killed innocent lives here in the name of God who lives somewhere in “heaven” and remains unseen to them. Kabir instructs that these are not the ways of a truly religious person. He advises against all forms of hypocrisy, and to give up the false teachings and know that God dwells within as the Real and ever present Self.