Ramaini 32

andh so darpan ved purana, darbi kaha maharas jana;
jas khar chandan ladai bhara, parimal basan na janu gawara;
kahahin kabir khoje asmana, so na mila jo jai abhimana;


For the ignorant person, the Vedas and the Puranas are like a mirror to a blind person; Whence does the spoon know the flavour of the food? Just as a donkey loaded with sandalwood does not know the fragrance, just so the ignorant person does not know the essence of the Vedas and the Puranas. Kabir says that ignorant people try to find God in the heavens, but lacking self-realization, their ego do not vanish.


What an apt metaphor expressed in this ramaini for people who read the scriptures and do not get the essence! Just as the blind person cannot see himself in the mirror, just so many people read the scriptures but not obtaining their essence, they are not able to mould their own lives into truly spiritual ones. Just the spoon, though it is repeatedly dipped into delicious foods, does not know their taste, or just as a donkey loaded with fragrant sandalwood does not realize the fragrance, just so many people read the scriptures and do not relish the nectar which flows from them. They continue in their old pattern of life and behaviour. They think that God dwells somewhere in heaven, not realizing that God is present in their own being. They manifest the consciousness of God and can never be separated from God. As long as people lack Self-realization they will continue to blunder on life’s path. Would that people should dispel their ego and ignorance and awaken to a spiritual life?