Ramaini 31

sumriti ahi gunan ko chinha, pap punya ko marag kinha;
sumriti ved padhai asrara, pakhand rup karen hankara;
padhe ved ow kare badai, sansai ganthi ajahu nahin jai;
padhe shastra se jiw badh karai, mundi kati agaman ke dharai;

Sakhi: kahahin kabir i pakhand, bahutak jiw sataw,
anubhow bhaw na darsai, jiyat na apu lakhaw;


Smritis spoke about His attributes and also laid down the path of sin and virtue;
Some people always studied the Smritis and the Vedas, but they become hypocritical and egotistic;
They read the Vedas then boast; the knot of doubts, even now, does not disappear from their hearts.
They read the Shastras but kill living beings; they cut the head and offer it to the deities and images.
Sakhi: Kabir says that because of hypocrisy, these people destroy many lives. Because they lack realization, they do not know that God lives in all beings as the soul.


It always pains a saint to see that people do not use their God-given intellect and spiritual discriminative ability to live a truly virtuous and spiritual life. He has to speak out against the unrighteous practices in which people engage. In this ramaini Guru Kabir points out exactly that.

People all over the world read their various scriptures and become very versed in them. They display their knowledge in eloquent speeches and they display their egoism and pedantry. However, in their hearts and personal lives they practice various forms of hypocrisies. They do not personally realize God dwelling in their hearts and in the hearts of all living creatures. God is Omnipresent and is therefore present in all living beings. Scriptures also teach people not to kill. But what we see all around us is that killing is going on on a massive scale. If one could see how the young animals are taken from their mothers, confined into feed lots, and fattened and then slaughtered in the abattoir, with blood flowing, he will soon turn against killing. Every animal which is slaughtered wishes to live every bit as much as its slayer. To confound the folly, they even sacrifice animals and offer them to statutes of various gods and goddesses. The whole universe including all of us belong to God. What need does He have for a few sacrificed animals from errant human beings? Guru Kabir, ever compassionate towards all living beings, taught non-violence. People professing to have love but practice violence in thought, word and deed, are being hypocritical. They do not realize that God dwells in all beings, and they continue to perpetrate sinful actions.