Ramaini 29

bajrahu te trin khin me hoi, trin te bajra karai puni soi;
nijhru niru jani parihariya, karm ka bandha lalach kariya;
karam dharam mati budhi parihariya, jhutha nam sanch lai dhariya;
raj gati tribidhi kinha parkasa, karam dharam budhi ker vinasha;
ravi ke udai tara bhow chhina, char bihar donon men lina;
vish ke khaye vish nahi jawai, garud so jo marat jiyawai;


In a moment the mind becomes hard like a club and in another soft like a straw; The desires of the mind flow incessantly like a waterfall; knowing it the sadhus control the mind, but a man of desires performs many actions and becomes bound by karmas; Because of weakness of mind, man gives up noble actions, intellect and wisdom, and accepts the false name as the true name; When rajogun became active it manifested in the three worlds and destroyed dharam, karam and intellect; When the sun rises all the stars grow dim, and the sunlight shines in the place of the movable and the immovable things; By eating poison one does not cure poison; he is a garur (bird) who gives life by removing the poison from the dying person.

Sakhi: The snake bites in that moment when one blinks and does not see; The snake does not obey the orders of the garur (bird), then what can the garur do?


In this ramaini Guru Kabir speaks about the condition of the mind. The mind is never steady. At times it becomes hard and at other times it becomes soft and polite. The mind is full of desires which flow continuously like a waterfall and keeps man bound up by making him perform all types of actions. The sadhu (wise person) knows this and controls his mind, but the average person, because of the weakness of his mind, becomes entangled by the actions of the world. He gives up noble actions, intellect and wisdom because of the false lure of the material world.

Rajogun is that quality of activity and passion which keeps the mind of man bound up in karmas. But just as the rising sun causes the stars to grow dim and “disappear”, just so, when knowledge of the Self appears, then that person sees God everywhere, both in the things that are movable and immovable. People generally want freedom from the clutches of maya, but they continue to engage in the activities of maya, so they cannot cure the poison which causes them to remain entangled in the world of actions and passions.

The garur is a bird which kills the poisonous snake. In this ramaini Guru refers to the guru as the garur. Just as the garur removes the poisonous snake, just so the guru destroys the poison of desires and attachments, of ego and passions, of evil and ignorance from a sincere devotee. The devotee has to be ever watchful because if he slips up even for a moment, desires and passions will crowd his mind and lead him down the road of bondage. But if the devotee does not obey the guru and follow instructions, then the guru becomes helpless, in spite of his love and goodwill towards the devotee. To achieve spiritual progress we must conquer the mind.