Ramaini 27

brahma ko dinho brahmanda, sat dip puhumi now khanda;
satya satya kahi vishnu dridhai, tin lok mahh rakhin jai;
linga rup tab shankar kinha, dharti kili rasatal dinha;
tab ashtangi rachi kumari, tin lok mohini sab jhari;
dutiya nam parvati bhiyau, tap karte shankar kaha diyau;
ekai purush ek hai nari, tate rachin khani bhow chari;
sarman barman dev ru dasa, raj sat tam gun dharti akasa.

Sakhi: ek and onkar te, sabh jag bhaya pasar;
kahahin kabir sab nari ram ke, avichal purush bhartar.


God gave Brahma this universe to create and the latter created the “seven islands” and the “nine parts” of the earth. Vishnu, being truthful to his mother, was given the power to protect the three worlds. Then Shiva came in the form of linga (male genital organ) and pierced the earth and reached the nether world. God then created a young girl (Adhya) with eight parts (maya) and the three worlds became fascinated with her. Her second name was Parvati and she was married to Shiva who was doing austerity. There is one Purush (Niranjan and one woman [maya]); the four forms of life came from them. The Brahmins, Kshatriyas, Vaishyas and Shudras were created; the three gunas – rajas, tamas and sattva – were spread from earth to heaven.

Sakhi: Onkar is like an egg and all the world manifested from it. Kabir says that all are the wives of Ram and He is the husband and Imperishable Lord.


In this ramaini Guru Kabir talks about God and the mythological concept of creation, according to the Hindu scriptures. God first created Niranjan and Adhya and from them proceeded Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva. Brahma is thought to have created the universe; Vishnu protects the universe and Shiva dissolves it, or is responsible for decay and death. All the various forms of manifested life which are mentioned are: 1. live born (placental); 2. those which are born from eggs 3. those which multiply by themselves, such as bacteria and 4. plants. Various castes made differences amongst people, and the different qualities of goodness, activity and inertia pervaded the whole universe.

This is a simplistic view of the creation of all things. However, the mystical point of view which Kabir intends, is that God is the “husband” or master, and the creation i.e. the, material nature, with all its various aspects, is thought of as “woman” or maya. Thus he states that Ram is the husband and all else are the wives. The eight parts of nature which is contained in all life forms are earth, fire, water, air, ether, mind, intellect and ego. All of these have resulted from maya which is considered to be a woman. It is thus that Kabir states that all of these are the wives, and God is the husband or master. Maya is responsible for the impermanent and illusory world, but people are beguiled by her and remain separated from God.