Ramaini 26

apuhi karta bhaye kulala, bahu vidhi basan gadhai kumhara;
bidhi ne sabai kinh ek thaun, anek jatan ke bane kanaun;
jathar agni mahh dinh prajari, ta mahh apu bhaye pratipali;
bahut jatan kai bahar aya, tab shiv shakti nam dharaya;
ghar ka sut jo hoi ayana, take sang na jahu  sayana;
sanchi bat kahow mai apani, bhaya diwana owr ki puni;
gupt pragat hai ekai dudha, kake kahiye brahman sudra;
jhuthe garb bhulo mati koi, hindu turuk jhuth kul doi;

Sakhi: jinh yaha chitra banaiya, sancha so sutradhari;
kahahin kabir te jan bhale, chitrawantahi lehi nihari.


Just as a potter, by various means, makes different types of pottery, just so Brahma in creation acted as a potter. He placed all the beings in one world, and with much effort He named them variously; He fired them in the fire of the womb and He Himself protected them in that process; The bodies formed with much effort and on coming outside, it is variously named as shiva or shakti (male or female); If a son in the home is foolish, the others who are wise do not follow him; I am telling you the truth which I have realized, but you listen to the words of others and become confused; Those who are unknown or those who are known to belong to the same caste, who then is to be called brahmin or shudra; No one should be fooled by false pride; the clan of both Hindu and Turk are false;

Sakhi: He who made this picture (universe) is the true puppeteer;

Kabir says that people are fortunate who realize Him.


In this ramaini Guru Kabir talks about one Creator who has created all living beings and He is thus the Father of all. In the Hindu mythology Brahma is accepted as the God of creation. Here Guru Kabir talks of the Creator making various forms of bodies, just as a potter makes various forms of pottery . The potter fires his various pottery in a kiln and takes care that they are all done properly. Just so, God takes care of the developing body within the womb when that body is helpless. After birth, however, people are given various names and they are said to be male and female. Having come from the same parent (God) we are all therefore brothers and sisters. Guru Kabir advises us that we must not be lost in false ego and pride. He has explained the Truth to us, but we often listen to the words of others, who preach of various types of castes and segregations, and we become confused by their teachings, and deviate from the path of Truth. If we all belong to the same ‘caste’ (human), then who can be spoken of as being of a high caste, as the brahmin, or of a low caste, as the shudra. Similarly, who can be called a Hindu and who a Turk (Muslim) when the same God is the Father of both and they are brothers.

In the sakhi Guru Kabir refers to God, the Absolute, as the puppeteer who holds the strings and controls everything. He is the Controller of brahma who is mythologically thought to be the creator. He says that those people are really fortunate who know the Creator of the universe. When we know the Absolute Creator who remains the same for all of us, then how can we be misled by the false pride of our various religious distinctions.