Ramaini 25

chowtis akshar ka ihai vishesha, sahasron nam yahi mahh dekha;
bhul bhatak nar phir ghat aya, hota ajan so sabhan gamaya;
khojahi brahma vishnu shiv shakti, anant lok khojahi bahu bhakti;
khojahi gann gandharv muni deva, anant lok khojahi bahu bheva;

Sakhi: jati sati sab khojahin, manahin na manai hari;
bad bad jiv na banchi hai, kahahin kabir pukari.


The specialty of the thirty-four letters is that thousands of names can be composed from them. Being lost in these thirty-four letters (scriptures) man is born again; he remains spiritually ignorant and loses everything. Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Shakti all searched for Him; countless people, following countless ways of devotion, searched for Him. Groups of gandharvas, munis and devas searched for Him; countless people in many forms searched for Him.

Sakhi: The jati and sati searched for Him and do not think that they are defeated;

Guru Kabir says shouting that the greatest people cannot be saved from the trap of maya in this way.


The thirty-four letters compose the alphabet of Urdu – the language of the Muslims. The letters refer to the alphabet of any language, in which all scriptures and languages are composed. People spend a great deal of time studying the various scriptures, thinking that they are actually on the proper path to know God. However, scriptures does not give people God realization, but people become very knowledgeable in the scriptures yet have not purified their minds, nor have they given up the various passions such as anger, greed and egoism. People follow certain scriptural injunctions and practice various forms of worship according to their various denominations, but unless they realize God within themselves, their learning becomes purely academic. The gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, and the goddess Shakti along with the celestial musicians, philosophers and countless other people of various sects have been searching for the Omnipotent and Eternal Infinite Lord, but have failed to find Him. They all have been caught in the trap of maya. Scriptures and philosophies cannot be made an end in themselves. They are only stepping stones which should be used in conjunction with internal and external purity, simplicity, humility, nobility and other divine qualities, in order to reach the goal of God realization.