Ramaini 24

chandra chakor si bat janayi, manush budhi dinh paltayi;
chari awastha sapne kahayi, jhuthu phuro janat rahayi;
mithya bat na janai koyi, yahi bidhi sab gayal bigoyi;
age dai dai saban gamaya, manush budhi sapnehu nahi paya;
chowntis akshar se niklai joyi, pap punya janega soyi;

Sakhi: soi kahanta soi howuge, tai nikari na bahar aw;
ho hazur thadh kahat hown, kahe dhokhe janm gamaw.


The truth of the soul and God is explained as the love of the chakor for the moon; but the intellect of man turned things around. The four stages of consciousness are but a dream to them. They understand falsehood to be the truth. On one knows what is false. In this way all have lost their way. They lost everything in the false hope of the future; thinking this way, man cannot attain God even in a dream. He who rises above the thirty-four letters (alphabets) will be able to understand what is sin and what is virtue.

Sakhi: As you speak so you become; why don’t you escape from the traps of illusion?

Kabir says: “Come to me! I am standing here calling you. Why do you lose your life in falsehood?”


The chakor is a mythological bird which gazes longingly at the moon as if transfixed with great love. The soul similarly has a great yearning for union with God, but man, in his ‘sophisticated’ wisdom has produced all kinds of philosophies, dogmas, creeds, religions and rituals, and have thus confounded themselves, and have strayed from the path of simple Truth. There are four stages of consciousness: waking, dreaming, dreamless sleep and super-consciousness state. People generally, do not pay attention to these, but are preoccupied with their material existence. They ought to realize that life is meant for salvation which is, in effect, the realization of the fourth stage of consciousness. They have hopes of a better future, but they continue in the same old merry-go-round. They lose sight of the fact that they will reap what they are sowing, which is the Law of Karma. Unless people improve themselves day by day in thought, word, and deed, there is no chance of their ever realizing God or obtaining liberation. In order to attain to God Realization, people have to rise above the alphabets i.e. all the scriptures. The scriptures do not give God Realization. God resides in the hearts of all people, and that is where He will be found. Guru Kabir is beckoning to all devotees to free themselves from the traps of falsehood and illusion and to come to him. He is genuinely interested in the welfare of humanity. Unless people follow the path of Truth, they would lose the opportunity given to them, in this precious lifetime, of obtaining God Realization.