Ramaini 21

bahut dukh hai dukh kai khani, tab bachihu jab ramahi jani;
ramahi jani jukti jo chalai, juktihi te phanda nahi parai;
juktihi jukti chala sansara, nischai kaha na manu hamara;
kanak kamani ghor patora, sampati bahut rahai din thora;
thori sampati gow bowrai, dharamrai kai khabari na pai;
dekhi tras mukh gow kumhilai, amrit dhokhe gow vikh khai.

Sakhi: mai sirjown mai marown, mai jarau mai khau;
jal thal main hi rami rahown, mor niranjan naun.


There are many sufferings. The world is a mine of sufferings. You will be saved only when you know God. Knowing God, if you follow the Satguru’s teachings, then you will not fall into other traps. But man flits about from one method to another. Although I spoke with emphasis, no one heeded my words. People became involved with money, women, house and clothes. There is much wealth but life is short for enjoying them. Man’s folly is that he gets intoxicated with his small amount of wealth and pays no attention to yama. Seeing the suffering inflicted by yama their faces wilt. They swallow the poison of the world mistaking it for nectar.

Sakhi: I create, I destroy, I burn and I devour; I pervade the water and the earth, and my name is Niranjan.


Religions of the world have followers because there are sufferings in the world. Religions endeavour to teach people a path of life which alleviates suffering and give them an understanding of God. People, however, do not pay attention to the spiritual injunctions given by their spiritual teachers, or by the scriptures. They are fickle-minded and they flit about from one method to another method in an effort to find solace for their troubled soul. God has spoken with emphasis through his saints but people generally do not follow the way of the saints. Instead, they are attracted to the worldly things, such as wealth, women, horse, clothing and other things, for indulgence of their senses. Life, however, is very short, and they have to leave all their material things behind. Being attracted by the things of the world, man rarely pays attention to approaching death. When death, however, is close at hand, his face wilts with fear and with thought that he will not be any more. In life they did not accept the nectar of God’s words, but instead swallowed the poison of worldly attractions.

In the sakhi (God is speaking) God states that he creates, destroys, burns and devours. He pervades everywhere. In order to understand this sakhi it is necessary to understand that God is omnipresent and dwells everywhere in the universe at the same time. He is, thus, the Power which does everything in the universe and He does whatever man says that he does. It is not man who does anything but God does everything through man. Man is only the agent and God is the motive power which enables man to do anything.

In this ramaini Guru Kabir speaks on behalf of God.