Ramaini 2

jiw rup ek antar basa, antar jyoti kinh parkasa;
ichcha rup nari awtari, tasu nam gayatri dhari;
tehi nari ke putra tin bhayawu, brahma,
vishnu, maheshwar nawu;
tab brahma puchhal mahatari,
ko tor purush, ke kari tum nari;
tum ham ham tum owr na koi,
tumahise purush, hame tori joyi.

Sakhi: bap put ki ekai nari, ekai mai biyai
aisa put saput na dekha, jo bapahi chinhai dhai.


One soul is living in the heart of living beings, and that Soul manifests Consciousness (Inner Light). And a female (desire) came from the Soul, and her name was Gayatri. She produced three sons – Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh being their names. Then Brahma asked his mother who is your purush (husband) and whose wife are you? She replied that you and I, and I and You, and no one else is there. You are my husband and I am your wife.

Sakhi: Father (God) and son (soul) have one wife (maya). One maya produced them both. I have not seen such a worthy son who runs and recognizes his father – God.


It is important to realize that there is only one Soul in the universe and that Soul is God. That Soul manifests in all living beings. But for the Soul to be manifest as living beings ‘It’ produced from ‘Itself’ Consciousness. The Soul and Consciousness are thus intimately inter-related. However, before any creation could take place, there had to be desire to create in that Primal Soul. That desire manifested as Gayatri which is another name for Maya. Maya in turn produced Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva (Mahesh) as explained in Ramaini #1. Brahma, not seeing any father figure (as God the Father was in-dwelling as the Soul), asked his mother who was her husband and whose wife she was? She told him, quite logically and correctly, that he was her husband and she was his wife. This relationship existed because God the Father, who was the male principle of creation, resided within Brahma, and so he was the husband of the female principle of creation called Gayatri.

In the Sakhi Guru Kabir points out that God and The Soul have one wife whose name was Maya. As stated above, the same Soul is God and the same Soul resides in all beings. From a human stand-point this is incest and quite unacceptable. However, Guru Kabir points out that man is the soul and the Father is God, and that they were both the product of Maya. If Maya did not exist, then living beings would not exist, and it follows naturally then, that God would not exist. Knowledge of God depends on human consciousness. Thus one can see the logical conclusion that the father and the son have the same wife. Again referring to the human situation, Guru Kabir points out that he has not seen such a worthy son who hastens to recognize his father. In this world not many people make a real effort to know God. They are satisfied with reading the scriptures, attending church, singing prayers and hymns, and doing other ceremonial and ritual types of worship. These activities do not give God realization unless the heart is purified by giving up all passions, greed, ego, violence in thought, word and deed, and practicing love for all of God’s creation. Guru Kabir points out that as long as one is preoccupied with all of these in a materialistic life and does not realize that God is dwelling in all beings, he will not obtain salvation.