Ramaini 19

anahad anubhow ki kari asa, i viprit dekhahu re tamasa;
ihai tamasa dekhahu re bhai, jahanwan sunya tahan chali jai;
shunyahi banchhe sunyahi gayau,
hatha chhodi behatha bhayau;
sanshai sawaj sakal sansara, kal aheri sanjh sakara.

Sakhi: sumeran karahu ramkai, kal gahe
hein kesh; na janahu kab mari hein, ka ghar ka pardesh.


If one, without a Guru, hopes to experience the Anahad (God), it is untraditional and funny. O my brother! See this fun. Where there is emptiness, people advance to that state. They want the void and enter into the void; giving up what they had in hand, they become empty-handed. The whole world is full of doubts which are like wild animals, and death, the hunter, awaits to stalk the soul from morning to night.

Sakhi: O man! Recite the name of God as death holds you by the hair; You do not know when he will slay you, whether at home or on foreign land.


People want to obtain liberation or salvation, but this is not possible until one realizes God within. The word “anahad” means limitless, therefore, it refers to God who is the Infinite Being. It is the spiritual tradition that a disciple should be initiated by his guru and be guided on his spiritual path towards liberation. People who try to follow the path without guidance often fall into various traps and doubts. God realization thus becomes difficult. There are many people who say that they do not need a spiritual guide. Thus, Guru Kabir states that the practice would appear to an observer as “fun”. It is the same as the first grade student who might say that he will graduate from the university without a teacher.

In meditation people try to achieve a state of emptiness or the void i.e. complete stillness of the mind with no thought on any object or idea. But meditation which ends in the void does not give one God realization. God is already in-dwelling in the meditator and is closer even than the breath. God is the very source of life and being. One should realize this in meditation. Without this realization one falls into the traps of many doubts and thus becomes prey to the hunter which is Kal or death.

Guru Kabir advises to recite the name of God i.e. always keep God foremost in the mind in every undertaking. Death is lurking right around the corner and can strike one at anytime. One does not know if death will occur at home or in some other place, or whether it will occur in the next moment or some long time in the future. Liberation depends on constantly remembering God as the source of being and personally realizing that the Soul is really God dwelling within.