Ramaini 17

jas jiv apu mile as koi, bahut dharm sukh hridaya hoi
jasu bat Ram ki kahi, priti na kahu so nirbahi
ekai bhaw sakal jag dekhi, bahar pare so hoi viveki
vishai moha ke phand chhodai, tahan jai jahan kat kasai
ahai kasayi chhuri hatha, kaisahu awai katown matha
manush bada bada hoi aya, ekai pandit sabhai padhaya
padhana padho dharo jani goi, nahi toh nischai jahu bigoi.

Sakhi: sumiran karahu ram ka, chhadahu
dukh ki as, tar upar dhai chapi hein, jas kolhu koti pachas.


When a person meets another like himself, he derives immense happiness and righteousness. But he who who speaks about God is not liked by the others. One who sees the same condition of the world everywhere, and detaches his mind from it is a wise person. He is able to get rid of the shackles of passions and attachment, but ignorant people will see kal (the butcher) within ready to slay them wherever they go. The butcher stands waiting with knife in hand; as soon as one comes he is ready to sever his head. Man came as the greatest of all forms but he fell into the trap of rituals. He was taught them by one pandit ( Brahma). Study your lesson of Self knowledge and do not hide it from others, otherwise you will be lost.

Sakhi: Sing the glories of God and give up the desires for worldly enjoyments, Otherwise maya will crush you with fifty million millstones on your head.


When people of similar interests get together they have happiness. In this case Guru kabir is speaking to Dharm Das who was a great devotee. He states that if others of similar interests could meet then they will derive happiness and righteousness from such a meeting. Guru Kabir, however, recognizes that when a devotee speaks of God, he is often not liked by many people. This is so because the majority of people are too attached to the material world and are busy pursuing various types of sense pleasures. They seek immediate pleasure, often without thought of what will be beneficial for their life later on. The pleasures, however, are transient. Guru Kabir thus advises that one should be wise and see that the same condition of material bondage prevails in the whole world and to detach himself by using spiritual discrimination. If he does so, he will remove the bondage of all passions and desires that keep him bound in his daily life. Unless a person is detached from the worldly life and attached to a Divine life, Kal – the negative power – will figuratively be ready to cut off his head. That means that such a person will be subject to the rounds of rebirths in order to satisfy his desires along with all the accompanying griefs and sorrows.

Guru Kabir states that man is the highest form of life which has evolved, manifesting a high degree of consciousness of God. But what happens to this highly evolved creature? He becomes entangled with the trappings of rituals of various kinds. Brahma was the first pandit or brahmin who taught rituals, but these do not give Self Knowledge. Guru Kabir advises to master the lesson of Self Knowledge which will remove all doubt and give liberation. He states, in this sakhi, that the devotee must sing the glories of God even if there are many in the world who do not like him. Those who remain entangled with maya will be crushed as if fifty million millstones were crushing him. Thus if a person is not able to rise above maya then he will be similarly crushed by all the worldly passions and desires.