Ramaini 16

chalat chalat ati charan pirana, hari pare taha ati risyana;
gan gandharv muni ant na paya, hari alop jag dhandhe laya;
gahani bandhan ban na sujha,
thaki pare tahan kichhuo na bhuja;
bhuli pare jiya adhik derai, rajani andh kup hoi ai;
maya moha uhan bharpuri, dadur damini pawan apuri;
barsein tapai akhandit dhara,
raini bhayavani kachhu na adhara;

Sakhi: sabhai log jahandaia, andha
sabai bhulan kaha koi na mane, sab ekai mahi saman.


Walking and walking in search of a false destination, the feet become very tired and, on not reaching the goal, the walker becomes very angry; Ganas (servants of Shiva), gandharv (celestial musicians), munis (philosophers) were unable to fathom the mystery of God; God remains hidden in the world and keeps the world busy in their works. The binder (their own actions) is the bondage but are not visible; they all become tired and could realize nothing. The night came as a blind well in which the Jivas fall with great fear. Maya (illusion) and attachment are in full force. Frogs (hope), lightening (greed) and wind (desires) are also in full force there. Desires rain in an unbroken stream; the night (ignorance) is very fearful and there is no help for them in that delusion.

Sakhi: All the people are deceived and are lost in darkness. No one obeys my instructions, and all have been caught in the trap of Maya.


People are searching for God in many ways. Some search for Him in distant ilgrimages; other search for Him in various austerities and fasting, while others search for Him by bathing in the holy rivers. Others search for Him by arduous study of scriptures but, in the end, their “feet” literally become tired. i.e. they have exhausted their search but have not found God. Even those favoured of the Gods such as the servants of Shiva, the celestial musicians and the philosophers were not able to fathom the mystery of God. The mystery of God is that He is with them in their search, and God is in the thing for which they are searching. In other words, God in them becomes the searcher, God in the holy objects becomes the object of their search, and the energy expended by them is also the energy of God. These people, however, do not understand this depth of philosophy and mystery of God, so they go on searching and become tired and frustrated and thus angry. They do not realize that it is their own actions and desires that are the real bondage for them that prevents them from seeing God.

Not having found God, they face the night of ignorance and become full of fear. They fall into this well of ignorance. In this well of ignorance maya, the great illusion, and attachment along with hope, greed and desire, are in full sway and play havoc with the lives of those caught up in that ignorance. In this state of existence desires reign supreme and keep the mind occupied in all types of pursuits, none of which bring peace and illumination to the mind.

In the sakhi, Guru Kabir observes the state in which people have found themselves as described above. This appears to be the average state of affairs of the majority of mankind. They all want freedom but are seeking in the wrong places. Thus Guru Kabir says no one obeys his instructions and all have been caught in the trap of Maya.