Ramaini 13

nahi partit jo yaha sansara, darb ke chot kathin kai mara;
so toh shesho jai lukai, kahu ke partit na ai;
chale log sab mul gamai, yam ki badhi kati nahin jai;
aju kaj jo kal akaja, chale ladi digantar raja;
sahaj bichare mul gamayi, labh te hani hoi re bhai;
ochhi mati chandrama gow athai,
trikuti sangam swami basai;
tabahi vishnu kaha samujhai, maithun ashth tum jitahu jai;
tab sankadik tattwa bichara, jaise rank para dhan paya;
bhow maryad bahut sukh laga, yehi lekhe sab sanshai bhaga;
dekhat utpati lagu na bara, ek marai ek karai bichara;
muye gaye ki kahu na kahi, jhuthi as lagi jag rahi;

Sakhi: jarat jarat te banchahu, kahe
na kinhh gohar vish vishya ke khayahu, rat diwas mili jhar


The world does not believe my word because their pride has severely injured them; Because of pride people lost everything. They did not believe in the troubles caused by pride; They all left this world losing their capital (soul); they could not escape Yama’s flood of troubles. Today (in the human life) you can fulfill your destiny, but not tomorrow; one who is king today leaves the world loaded with karmas; The foolish person, thinking of more wealth, loses his capital (soul); instead of gain he suffers loss. Because of evil thinking man loses the moon (intellect); the master resides at the trikuti (third eye). Therefore Vishnu advises to conquer the desire for the eight kinds of sex (eight types of sexual gratification). Then Sankadik thought upon that philosophy and were happy, just as a poor man who finds great wealth on a path. The rishis followed the discipline of brahmcharya and became immensely happy, and all their doubts vanished. One sees birth and death and thinks upon them but does not follow the proper way. None of the dead returns to tell his story; this world is attached to a false hope.

Sakhi: You can be saved from the fire of the mother’s womb. Why don’t you call out to God? You eat the poison of worldly desires and day and night all of you burn in fire.


Guru Kabir always points out to us our short comings which prevent us from leading a pure spiritual life. In this ramaini he speaks of pride which has inflicted a severe wound on us. Pride depends on egoism which, in turn, creates a sense of self which is separate from God. Since God is not separate from anyone, and He is, in the final analysis, the animating and motive force in all beings, we cannot be on a true spiritual path as long as we live with a sense of ego and pride. Ego is thus one of the greatest stumbling blocks in a spiritual life. It is thus that pride has severely wounded us. By thus not being on a true spiritual path because of pride we are creating bondage for our soul. The soul needs liberation and not bondage. Thus, in this materialistic life full of pride, we are, figuratively, losing our soul. The end result is that we face Yama, the god of death, with the soul still in bondage, and thus subject to rebirth so that it may reap its rewards and punishments without attaining liberation. Guru Kabir states that it is only in this life that we can live righteously in thought, word, and deed in order to obtain salvation. We cannot do it in death. Even the king living a life of pride will have to return to this world because of his karmas.

Guru Kabir states that evil thinking results in the loss of our intellect. The moon is mythologically thought to be the god of wisdom, and the soul is inherently wise, but evil thinking results in the loss of this innate wisdom. Thus one who wishes spiritual progress must control his various passions. Here he mentions lust for sex which is enjoyed in eight ways using the various organs of sense and action. When the rishis (apostles of wisdom) followed Lord Vishnu’s advice and controlled sense gratifications, they became very happy because the happiness they got from their inner being surpassed any happiness they could obtain by satisfying the senses. Guru Kabir states that although we see birth and death and we think upon their significance, we do not live the spiritual life in order to obtain liberation. And if we do not obtain liberation we have to be reborn. Thus he talks of the fire of the mother’s womb. We are born again and we eat the poison of the worldly desires and we continue to repeat this cycle over and over. If we truly call on God, we would obtain salvation.