Ramaini 11

andhari gushti shrishti bhai bowri, tin lok me lagi thagowri;
brahma thagow nag kaha jai, devata sahit thago tripurari;
raj-thagowri vishnu par pari,
chowdah bhuwan ker chowdhari;
adi ant jaki jalkan jani, taki dar tum kahe ka mani;
wai utanga tum jati patanga, yamghar kiyawu jiw ko sanga;
nim kit jas nim piyara, vish ko amrit kahat gawara;
vish ke sang kown gun hoi, kinchit labh mul gow khoi;
vish amrit gow ekai sani, jin jani tin vish kai mani;
kahh bhaye nar sudh besujha, bin parichai jag budan bujha;
mati ke hin kawan gun kahai, lalach lagi asa rahai;


Like a meeting of blind people, this world has gone mad. Maya has cheated the three worlds; Brahma himself is cheated; how can Naga escape? Shiva, along with the gods, is cheated; Maya has cheated Vishnu – the leader of the three worlds. She has cheated the leaders of the fourteen worlds; Why do you fear that of whom you know not even the reflection of the beginning and the end? Why do you kill yourself like a moth in the flame of desires and keep company with Yama, the god of death? Just as the nim worm relishes the bitter nim juice, just so the foolish people accept poison as nectar. What benefit can one get with the poison of passions? For a small gain he loses his capital. If poison and nectar are mixed together, the wise person will know that the mixture remains poisonous. If man has no intelligence, what is the use of his manhood? Being foolish he unwittingly drowns in this world. Those devoid of intellect, what quality can we say they have? They are caught up in false greed and hopes.

Sakhi: Many have died; you also will die. The drum of death is being beaten. The world has fallen in love with a dream. Only sayings of the wise will remain.


Guru Kabir uses this ramaini to instruct us of the great power of Maya which has ensnared all beings in the world. Maya is the “grand illusion” which makes us see only differences between us and all other beings, and veils from our view the Divinity which is the same everywhere in all beings. He says that even the Gods -Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva have been deceived by Maya, as are the demi-gods who rule over the various astral and sub-astral worlds. These are well known by reading their stories in the Puranas. He instructs us that we must not be like the moth that flies to it’s death in the flames. The flames here are the passions and desires which seem to hold such a great sway over us. The more we become subject to passions, the more we are courting death, thus he says we are keeping company with Yama. He compares us to the nim worm which relishes the bitter nim juice. Just so we appear to relish the various desires and passions not realizing that they are “bitter” for us. He tells us that if passions and pleasures are mixed together we must have the discriminative intellect to realize that the mixture remains poisonous for us, because it will continue to create karmas for us which we have to repay sooner or later. He warns us not to be devoid of intellect and be attached to the false greeds and hopes of this world, or else we relinquish our status as human, created by God, with an intellect. He tells us that we really do not know Maya thus we should have no fear of her. We should fearlessly follow the teachings of the saints which lead to salvation, and not to remain in love with a dream which is the power of Maya manifesting in the material world.