Ramaini 10

rahi lai piparahi bahi, kargi awat kahu na kahi;
ayi kargi bhow ajguta, janam janam yam pahire buta;
buta pahiri yam kinha samana, tin lok me kinh payana;
bandheu brahma vishnu, maheshu,
sur nar muni ow bandhu ganeshu;
bandhe pavan pawak ow niru,
chand surya bandheu dowu biru;
sanch mantra bandhe sab jhari, amrit vastu na janai nari;

Sakhi: amrit bastu janai nahi, magan bhaya sab loi;
kahahin kabir kamo nahi, jiwahi maran na hoi.


The traveller (soul) sheltering under the banyan tree (world) was washed away; no one told him of the coming flood (maya). When the flood came, the world was deceived; life after life Yama (God of death) wears this power. Wearing this power Yama enters the three worlds. He ensnared Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Gods, men, munis and Ganesha. He has bound air, fire, water and the brave sun and moon. People, thinking the mantras to be true, bound themselves in their recitation. The ignorant people do not know the Eternal Soul (God).

Sakhi: No one understands the Immortal God, and all the world are absorbed in worldly pleasures. Guru Kabir says that he who is free of desires will not be subject to birth and death.


Guru Kabir keeps hammering into us the temporary and illusory nature of the material world which cannot give us eternal peace, joy and happiness. He tells us that coming into this world, we are preoccupied with material pursuits believing that these are the main purpose of life, but in the end we find that they are not the means of liberation. He likens the soul to a traveller coming into the world, and the banyan tree as all the material pursuits in this life. While people are thus engaged in their material life, they become fascinated by it, and in the end are cheated, because death inevitably comes to all, and without devotion to, and knowledge of, God people do not attain salvation. The whole material manifestation is an illusion, perpetrated by maya. We must look behind maya, or the material manifestations to find God, the Divine Being who is ever present everywhere. Guru Kabir states that the various Gods, men, holy people, angels, etc., were caught up in this noose of maya. Even the natural elements, the sun, the moon and other planets and stars are all bound by maya, because it is by her power that they became differentiated into their various forms. People are generally ignorant of the reality of God as the basis of all material manifestations. Even if they theoretically know this, it does not form a basis for transcendental knowledge. People are thus preoccupied with reciting various mantras and with various rites and rituals, but they do not obtain the secret knowledge of God.

In the sakhi Guru Kabir summarizes that people are absorbed in worldly pleasures and do not know God. He outlines the method of obtaining liberation. We have to free ourselves from all material desires which keep us bound to the worldly plain of existence. Freedom from desires gives freedom to the soul. One who has been able to conquer his desires, and have knowledge of the Reality, manifesting in life, will be free from birth and death because he will be free from the effects of karma.