This is the season of Love, Joy, Compassion and Giving. A New Year is a few days away. Let us show love and compassion for all of God’s creatures!


I am an innocent animal,
And “Any Animal” is my name.
My life is simple and natural,
And I have no guile or sophistication.
I endure rain, drought, cold and heat,
And try to be as safe as I can.
I have no weapons to defend myself,
And I try to protect myself and young,
With all my effort as best as I can.
Life is not easy for me,
As constantly I must be on guard,
Lest a more powerful animal
Should catch and devour me.
Yet, I am content to live,
By the instincts inborn in me,
Just as my comrades do around me.
Nature’s law is to live and preserve life,
But sometimes I’m prey to another animal,
And become its source of food.
Then there are times when I’m a predator,
And fill my stomach with another’s flesh.
I never do this for sport or fun,
Because God made me this way,
And I’m helpless, and cannot change.
When injured, I hurt and bleed,
And try to escape if I can.
But when attacked by humans,
I feel cruelly and unjustly hurt,
And see no sure way of escape.
My young and I cry for each other,
And unwillingly, I must give up life,
Not understanding why life is ebbing away.
When I’m docile as cattle and sheep,
As goat, pig, poultry and fish,
I’m grown for slaughter and profit,
And my life is not mine, sad to say.
I endure the bullet, the knife and saw,
And I feel the steel hook tearing my jaw.
My stuffed hide adorns homes and museums,
Or I’m put on display in a zoo.
I hang on racks displayed as meat,
As busy hands with cruel weapons,
Carve me up to satisfy people’s appetite.
My life is dear to me; I struggle to live,
Even as humans, lacking compassion for me, do.
Let’s be fair, for fairness you ask for yourself.
If you want to eat me, as you have planned,
Then catch me with your bare hands,
While I’m free, not captive in a barrier.
Human’s crime’s the greater,
For I remain innocent of my lot,
While life is snuffed out of me,
And deprives me of my natural destiny.
Man is not meant for eating flesh.
He recoils if I bleed in his mouth,
As raw flesh is not appetizing to him.
The abattoir is a place of blood letting,
Staffed by humans devoid of love and compassion.
While I’m helpless they make my flood flow,
And all my brothers, sisters, cousins and friends,
Fall under their torturous unfeeling sway.
At birth I felt happy and playful as any young,
Innocent of my future cruel fate.
I truly want to live as all living beings do,
As life is precious to me as it is to you.
I entreat all those with power,
To protect, and not destroy me.
The powerful must protect the weak,
Especially who can’t speak in self defense.
Let your heart be moved with compassionate love,
For innocent creatures like me, and my animal family!

Dr. Jagessar Das

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  1. Aazaad says:

    Thank You Dr.
    Your words will save many.

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