Maya is a beautiful and poetic name,

And it is an apt name for a darling girl.

But the beautiful name beguiles us,

Blinding us to her innate complexity.

In common parlance Maya is attractive,

Urging our hungry senses for fulfillment.

We seek her in possessions and pleasures,

And in fame and in honorific titles.

We seek her in sophisticated company,

And in pursuit of an exuberant lifestyle.

She beckons us to enjoy the worldly life,

Forgetting that we have a higher purpose-

To know our divine and eternal Self,

And to awaken to a state of Nirvana.

Consider what the ancient sages taught,

And what modern mystics intuitively know,

That the body is a vehicle for the soul.

The body perishes as inscribed in the genes,

But the soul is divine and it cannot die.

The soul is a ray of God’s divine energy

That energizes all visible and invisible things,

Whether on earth or in the majestic universe.

But Maya is more than all of these!

She is God’s projecting power to “create”

As is made clear in India’s Vedantism.

Without her the differentiation into “things”

From God the primordial, Eternal Being,

Just would not manifest in endless variety.

Let us then accord to Maya her due status –

She has the power to project endless variety,

But also to veil the Reality from our senses.

So to understand her and to escape her guile,

We must still our senses that are ever outgoing,

And through meditation, go on an inner journey.

There we will see that we are in Divinity,

And we will bask in the bliss of this knowledge.

We will see Maya’s role in the scheme of things,   

And feel empowered as we savor the taste of freedom!


Dr. Jagessar Das


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  1. kesar bhatti says:

    Dr.J.Das, I read your interesting and informative article in the July,15th edition of Link,particularly the sentence “this unity can be realised only when life is purified —————forgiveness and meditation.”This motherhood statement emanating from the vedic philosophy to the modern new scientific age has not been able to even wipe out the insidious caste system it generated thousands of years ago.I was born in a sikh family and believed in Sikh teachings as enshrined in the Guru Granth.These have not been effective. Religion is becoming irrelevent.I donot have the annwer. I am reading writings of Neale Donald Walsch, the book “Tomorrow’s God” is making better sense in the contemporary world and the prevailing situation. Any comments.—kesar bhatti

    • Thank you for your comment Kesar Bhatti Ji. I agree with you that religion is becoming irrelevant. In spite of all the great teachings in the world’s scriptures, people are not benefitting as they should. Religion has become “hollow” in terms of its not permeating to the hearts of people.

      I have several articles on religion in my blogs at Perhaps you can look at them and let me know what you think.

      In appreciation,

      J. Das

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